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Christmas news from Outeniqua Adventure Tours:

This year seems to have flown by with alarming rapidity.
When we look back at the year and think of all that has been happening around us, is it any wonder that we struggle to keep pace. We have seen huge increases in fuel and food prices, a State President re-called, new faces on the South African political scene, and Zimbabwe is collapsing on our Northern borders. There is a new president in the United States and a crisis in the global economy.

In the midst of all this, one wonders if there has been any possibility of people still going on holiday, planning trips overseas, or having the time and opportunity to explore our own wonderful country. Well, the good news is, yes, there have indeed been, and continue to be, those adventurous and fortunate people who support our Tourism industry.

Even with the increase in fuel and general costs, we, at Outeniqua Adventure Tours had a good spring season. In August we had a very successful Spring Tour of the West coast ‘Flower’ region, with a lively group of senior adventurers! For some variation, we extended the itinerary to include Springbok and Kamieskroon in Namaqualand, which is a spectacular part of the Northern Cape.

The Spring cycle tours were again very popular. This year we returned to some favourite places in the Little Karoo, which always has a charm and atmosphere which is unique. We were extremely lucky with the weather and managed to have a ‘good weather fairy’ along with us. We just missed having to cycle in a snowstorm, but the experience of cycling next to the snow covered Swartberg was a rather chilly, but special occasion, for the group.

Next year promises to be rather busy, with two long cycle tours being planned for our friends from the Bicycle Adventure Club in the U.S. There is some interest being shown in tours to the Kruger National Park and another West Coast tour to see the spring flowers. Interspersed amongst this, are all the smaller tours, day trips, and transfers, which keep us busy.

As we approach the December holiday rush, not normally a busy time for us, (local visitors tend to organise their own activities), we shall be looking forward to enjoying family visits and planning for the coming year.

We are looking forward to an exciting and challenging 2009 and wish all our friends and clients a peaceful and safe festive season and New Year.

Dave and Cheryl

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